New Product Introduction (NPI)

new product introduction meeting man and lady reviewing design documentThe New Product Introduction (NPI) stage of any products life is the time to refine and ready for manufacture. With the targets being on time, on budget, to the highest levels of quality, while reducing the clients time to market, and ensuring reliable future production.

4E Technology can take your product and navigate it through the NPI stage, utilizing over 20 years’ experience in electronic manufacturing to offer advice on Design for Manufacture (DFM) and creating all the documentation required for the build process.

What’s covered in the NPI process?

  • Review clients BOM / Documentation.
  • Advice on any Design for Manufacture (DFM) points.
  • Project Quotation / Schedule Planning.
  • Prototype Assembly / Inspection / Testing
  • Manufacture Readiness and Assessment.
  • Build Pack Documentation.


The NPI process will give you a pre-production batch which is ready to undergo your own testing and evaluation. You will also receive a full documentation pack ready to move into volume manufacturing.