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4E currently maintains and manufactures a range of power supplies and control products used in military naval vessels.

Our client originally approached us with severe supply chain issues.  The products utilised some obsolete and hard-to-source components.  As per most legacy defence products, replacing or redesigning the equipment is not an option with the obvious challenges of approvals and the long-winded process for any changes to be incorporated, if accepted at all.

Additionally, they had the challenge of finding a company with strong enough quality accreditation, processes, traceability and experience to manage and produce this defence equipment.  With our ISO 13485 electronics manufacturing quality standard for high-regulatory markets applied to all work we perform, 4E was the ideal choice.  We also specialise in low to medium volume manufacturing, as many defence applications are.

4E assessed the product documentation and supply chain.  Many of the mechanical and enclosure items had to be redrawn in modern format and new fabrication suppliers found, while still meeting the original design specification.  Electronic parts had to be resourced, using alternative parts where acceptable, or finding legacy stock from a reliable source.  The equipment range uses entirely through-hole parts, many obsoleted by their surface mount modern equivalents.  Where required 4e utilises 3rd party testing of components to ensure no incorrect or fake parts enter the supply.

We continue to manage and manufacture these product lines, testing and documenting the units to stringent defence standards.  Our extensive network of suppliers and partners, built up over many years, allows us to procure all the required materials.

Key Services Supplied to this Case Study:

•  Experienced Technical Knowledge and Design Support
•  ISO 13485 Electronics Manufacturing
•  Supply Chain & Life Time Product Management
•  Obsolescence Management
•  Test and Verification


From design conception, through to product end of life management 4E can help support your product.


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