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We recognise the importance of having someone there to help through the stages of your project and with this in mind we are able to offer on-site electronic design and engineering service. From prototype design and manufacture to testing and repairs, we are able to back all of our work with engineering support.

Design Support

4E Technology specialises in supporting your products throughout the life-cycle of the device. This includes the initial design stages, where customers’ ideas need to be developed, nurtured and ultimately brought to fruition.

We work with many different types of clients from designers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and larger businesses. 4E can provide design skills from multiple disciplines, including electronics, electrical, industrial, mechanical and electromechanical.

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Typically, the first stages of the process involve analysing the customer’s requirements and advising best route to achieve the desired solution, followed by feasibility and costs estimate for both development and production. Aspects such as quality accreditation and legal/regulatory testing will be reviewed. A full proposal for the design, prototyping and optimum production set up can then be provided in detail, including agreed deliverables for technical specifications, timescales and project milestones.

Once the design process begins, 4E employs a constant philosophy of meeting and exceeding client expectations. The client will be kept informed at all times during the design phases, utilising any feedback that is given. When reaching the agreed milestones, a review will take place to ensure the project is on track, in terms of the expected outcome and costs. If required, client reports are generated and discussed, and any changes are implemented.

At the point where the design reaches a mature level, prototypes are created and thoroughly tested to the agreed specification. This will often involve the clients performing their own independent tests. First draft documents for production and procurement are also created at this stage. If testing for EMC and safety standards is needed this will also take place.

The last design stage involves making the final changes and tweaks to the design, based on the prototype testing and client feedback. A full production pack will be created, including bill-of-materials, manufacturing documentation and testing procedures. The product should now be ready for production, on final approval from client.

Supported Manufacturing

Our goal is to provide real added-value to clients by continuous improvement, commercial awareness and cost reduction programmes, all in support of the product life-cycle and ongoing product development for our clients.

We can support and manage the manufacture of your product in a number of ways, including providing:-

  • Analysis of existing product design with any recommendations.
  • Materials handling exercises to obtain best cost of component procurement and minimum lead times.
  • Management of specification and design issues, including obsolescence.
  • Engineering and test support from qualified design engineers.
  • Assistance with sourcing of equivalent components during times of shortage.

We provide clients with a comprehensive contract manufacturing capability together with  a highly skilled and motivated workforce. The philosophy is to develop excellent relationships with our clients. Trained staff and qualified engineers ensure that even the most difficult products are delivered on time to the required quality standard.

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