Prototype & Trial Builds

prototyping 3 cube images pcb board chip pcba assemblyPrototype Quantities

4E Technology specialise in fast-turnaround prototypes and finalised products that are to be made in small production volumes – the team at 4E has many years experience of providing this.

When working with 4E during the prototyping stage, clients can draw on over 20 years of electronic design support and manufacturing experience in the ‘Design for Cost’ service. Our accomplished procurement team can advise on alternative parts that whilst meeting your performance requirements may have significant cost savings within your BOM or reduce lead time for manufacture.

The end result of prototyping is a design that brings the best of the client’s product to market in the shortest amount of time – while saving money along the way.

Small Volume Assembly and Prototypes

4E offers quality assembly for small and medium volume batches of PCBs, wiring looms and panels, through to full product assembly, test and shipment to client’s customers. We also offer procurement of components, sourced both in the UK and abroad, we deal with numerous suppliers and manufacturers and are often able to source components at more competitive rates saving our clients money.

As an example we currently manufacture a highly-complex medical unit for a client who requires delivery in batches of around 10 a month. Read more on this in the Plasma Surgical | Plasma Jet case study.

We have options for in-house build, using our ISO 13485 (medical devices) approved facility, or using our network of manufacturing partners and subcontractors.

This range of routes to manufacture allows us to recommend the most cost-effective manufacturing solution to our clients.

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