procurement supply chain batteries resistor component close upProcurement and Supply Chain Management

Our purchasing team provides added-value supporting our electronics manufacturing services by selecting and acquiring optimal and cost effective materials from carefully selected, approved and audited suppliers, a crucial step in ensuring quality, efficiency and on-time delivery.

Materials Management

At 4E Technology we recognise the importance of materials management as it plays a key role in our success. The control of materials is essential for an accurate, cost effective and timely build. All our suppliers undergo appraisal and continuous monitoring. This ensures all aspects of the supply chain, from receipt of goods, their verification, through to processing within the manufacturing facility are managed effectively.

We work pro-actively to gain the best quality and service from all suppliers and will manage the potential implications of component obsolescence and RoHS compliance.

Traceability from receipt of materials through to final product is maintained throughout 4E’s manufacturing process, assuring quality and peace of mind from start to finish.


Our Distribution and Supply Partners

4E has links to many of the major manufacturers of electronic components and their distributors. We are able to get supported pricing direct from semiconductor and passive component manufacturers, in order to get the best pricing to reduce the manufacturing costs of your products.

Kitting and Supply Solutions

4E employs several supply and sourcing models, in order for your product manufacture to continue without interruption and at the lowest cost.

As standard we use JIT (Just-In-Time) procurement in order to keep excess stock (and therefor cost) at a minimum. However in the real world we also have to accept that many parts and materials are currently on long lead times and we will advance procure and schedule deliveries to best accommodate any requirements.

We also work with specialist kitting companies to meet any bespoke client requirements.

Allocation, Long Lead and Obsolete Parts

For those long lead, rare and hard-to-find parts (particularly those used on defence and medical products) we have specialist sourcing companies who will find the materials if they exist on the market.

To eliminate risk of counterfeit parts being used we also employ the use of a component and materials testing house.

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