Project Recovery

A large proportion of our clients approach us to get their manufacturing projects and products rescued and put back on track. Whether using an external contractor or in-house resource, it is a common occurrence that projects fall behind schedule, fail to meet specification or other issues arise, both technical and commercial.

We pride ourselves on the excellent working relationships we develop with our clients, and our award-winning capabilities to deliver a successful outcome, whatever the project.

4E can help recover your project by:

  • Performing Fast turn-around analysis of the technical and commercial aspects of your project and make recommendations.
  • Offering cost effective redesign & re-specification ideas for your product while meeting your objectives.
  • Planning a realistic time-frame for delivery of objectives, restoring your product-to-market schedule.
  • Executing a materials exercises to reduce the cost of your product and improve lead times.


Your product can then, if required, be manufactured in our ISO 13485 accredited facility – providing you with a product that meets or exceeds your expectations – on time.

4E regularly provides fast turnaround prototypes and manufacture for clients. This is often a requirement when a manufacturing or design project, resourced elsewhere, has fallen behind schedule, or does not meet specification, clients then approach us to rectify the situation.

We excel in our ability to understand technical requirements and convert them into real product assemblies. 4E has a team with wide experience that contributes to the design for manufacture process. This assists your technical team in understanding the issues in transferring a technical solution into the real production world.

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