Scientific / Research

When developing products and ideas at the forefront of technology, sometimes it is very useful to have experienced people around you who understand what you need, and who are able to build prototypes and test environments to allow you to develop and verify your ideas.

Here at 4e Technology, we understand problems and use first principles to find creative solutions.

Sometimes the issues are electronic or software related and sometimes they are materials based, fluid dynamics or thermal in nature. Sometimes components need to be built, sometimes entire systems.

The team at 4e Technology are experienced enough to embrace the design, development and build of prototypes. Once research and feasibility studies are complete, 4e Technologies can take your product design to the next stage, utilising our wide electronics experience to design and build trial quantities, pre-production units and full production quantities.

We have also been involved in many medical and instrumentation research projects using smart fabrics and embedded medical sensors.

R & D Grants: To assist our clients, we have applied for – and won – many grants for R & D work.

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