Obsolescence Management and Product Life Extension

obsolescence chip on boardIn any product, ongoing obsolescence issues are an inevitability. When manufacturing your pre-existing product, or setting up new, 4E has the capability to deal with this situation and take on obsolescence management for you.

When pre-existing products facing obsolescence issues are brought to 4E, we perform full Bills of Material (BOM) assessments, understand your current obsolescence position, and using our teams exceptional electronics experience suggest alternatives to keep your product in seamless manufacture. 

Has your legacy product suffered interrupted manufacturing after the loss of a sub-contractor?

Do you have holes in critical manufacturing documentation?

Have you recently acquired a ‘mixed bag’ of products in a company acquisition without the supporting build documentation?

4E has the expertise to reverse engineer your product and produce full build documentation packs, as well as offering you an ISO 13485 manufacturing facility which can run prototypes, production set up and volume manufacturing, making it a one-stop solution for getting your product back to market. 

For new products we identify likely high-risk items and source alternative parts before the product even begins manufacture. These will be recorded as part of the Bill of Materials (BOM), hence alternatives can be used automatically without necessarily going through a design change process.

Where new issues are identified, we are usually informed of this at an early stage, due to the close links we have with our manufacturing and supply partners. We have engineers on hand to investigate and recommend off-the-shelf alternative options, or provide circuit modifications if required. We have a network of suppliers that are able to source ‘on-allocation’ and hard-to-find components, backed up by a test and verification company that can check parts are valid and genuine.

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