” High tech manufacturing for regulatory controlled projects”

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Our ISO 13485 compliance, coupled with our organisation and culture, gives us perfect placement to cater for medical device assembly. 4e Technology will support you from prototype through trials, pre-production to full production and beyond.

Our team has many years experience designing and manufacturing in highly specialised, regulatory controlled, safety-critical medical and healthcare markets. We also have experience manufacturing and supporting electronic products that require FDA 510k approval, ISO 13485 and IEC 60601, in the UK/European medical device directive. Within these standards there are many stringent validation and verification requirements. 4e Technology are also familiar with the supporting documentation required to apply for approvals for products in your market place and the processes required to ensure safety aspects of the electronics are covered. 

Sample case study Plasma Surgical | Plasma Jet


Defence / Aerospace

For over 15 years, we have provided sub-contract manufacture for defence and aerospace products.  4e Technology are familiar with many stringent standards and compliance requirements for military devices, whether airborne, ground based or navel, our processes and quality systems have been tested many times and provide the bedrock of a solid quality plan.

Component obsolescence, component selection and product life-cycles are also addressed as standard. 4e Technology has a high quality UK manufacturing facility to provide ongoing support for military products.

With expertise in power supplies, inverters, converters, 400 Hz, starters, control panels and electronic controllers, our projects range from providing support to legacy defence electronics designs, through to the manufacture of hybrid circuits for advanced missile controls.

Sample case study Naval Defence | Power Products



4e Technology have manufactured many products for automotive applications requiring robust solutions to meet high power / high temperature specifications and ISO standards. These include motor drives and electric motors, GPS and GSM based asset tracking devices which interrogate the internal CAN data highway, through to safety-critical electronic control systems that are used to decommission dangerous airbags in scrap vehicles. We have also assembled sensorless, high performance brushless water pump controllers, fuel pumps, door latch systems and wireless security access control units, for keyless entry using RFID.

If you have any product manufacture requirements for vehicles, be it CAN BUS, LIN BUS or communications, electronic embedded controllers, a hybrid controller, propulsion systems, inverters and converters, or measuring devices for data logging, give us a call, we would love to hear about your product and discuss it further.



Having a sustainable world is one of our core values and supporting the cleantech sector is vitally important. Cleantech to us encompasses technology provisions in all the environmental sectors:

  • Wind harvesting
  • Agriculture
  • Bio-fuels / bio-materials
  • Smart Grid technologies
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Water treatment / management
  • Energy storage
  • Solar Systems
  • Recycling
  • Efficient transportation
  • Hydrothermal

4e Technology will work with you as intelligent partners and have provided start-up support and early stage prototypes to dozens of Cleantech product developments, many going onto commercialisation and full production volume supply.

Our own ethos is committed to efficiency, forming local partnerships which gives us speed of supply and control that is rarely matched, together with the cost efficiencies key partners can bring.

If you are looking to commercialise a product design, or are int he development of product supply we’d love to talk to you and see how we can help build your business in a sustainable way.


Scientific / Research

When developing products and ideas at the forefront of technology, sometimes it is very useful to have experienced people around you who understand what you need, and who are able to build prototypes and test environments to allow you to develop and verify your ideas.

Here at 4e Technology, we understand problems and use first principles to find creative solutions.

Sometimes the issues are electronic or software related and sometimes they are materials based, fluid dynamics or thermal in nature. Sometimes components need to be built, sometimes entire systems.

The team at 4e Technology are experienced enough to embrace the design, development and build of prototypes. Once research and feasibility studies are complete, 4e Technologies can take your product design to the next stage, utilising our wide electronics experience to design and build trial quantities, pre-production units and full production quantities.

We have also been involved in many medical and instrumentation research projects using smart fabrics and embedded medical sensors.

R & D Grants: To assist our clients, we have applied for – and won – many grants for R & D work.  


Contact 4e today to see how we can help support your product.