Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping allows clients the ability to test different designs in a short amount of time, enhancing even the most complex of assemblies. The Prototyping stage is critical to a products development and an essential stage among engineering designers and manufacturers alike.


When working with 4e during the prototyping stage, clients can draw on over 20 years of electronic design support and manufacturing experience in the ‘Design for Cost’ service. Our accomplished procurement team can advise on alternative parts that whilst meeting your performance requirements may have significant cost savings within your BOM or reduce lead time for manufacture.


Our highly skilled manufacturing team can also offer insight into assembly issues, lean working practices guidance and Design for Manufacture review.


Key benefits to prototyping your product.

Testing Functionality

The biggest benefit of making prototypes is testing things like function, fit and durability. Making a prototype means engineers can identify where their product can be improved or identify any flaws in the design. By reviewing and analyzing prototypes it can help dictate design changes.

Give life to concepts
Prototyping gives engineers’ life to their concepts, enabling others to understand the look and feel of designs, rather than making assumptions. A prototype gives and excellent proof of concept for your end client who seeks a more realistic product concept to feel confident in.

Incorporate changes

When speaking to clients actually having a physical prototype in hand makes gathering feedback and changes much easier. Prior to reaching final design there are always several iterations required, improving and refining the design. 4e’s reactive flexibility means there are never any hold ups re-spinning designs till the final product emerges.

Minimize assembly errors

Prototyping allows both 4e and our clients the ability to test the assembly before heading into mass production. Errors, faults and design issues with assembly can be determined, evaluated and adjusted within the design early on before incurring costly problems during final production.


The end result of prototyping is a design that brings the best of the client’s product to market in the shortest amount of time – while saving money along the way.


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