Overflow Manufacturing? We can help you!

Over many years, there are few technologies, industries or ideas that we have not had a chance to bid on, quote for, or provide manufacturing advice about.


As a manufacturing partner of choice, we do use and get used as an outsource service, often to cover overflow manufacturing to optimally use resources. Overflow manufacturing enables 4E to support our manufacturing partners as an outsource facility. Like us, our partners have capacity demands that fluctuate.


We are geared to take up manufacturing for our partner clients to satisfy volume targets, skill shortages and delivery deadlines.


Could you use 4E for manufacturing overflow? As a secondary supply service? Easing resources in existing product development teams? Or to fulfil manufacturing contracts that may fall outside the scope of some manufacturers; such as quantity or process?


Contact our team for further information on how we can help you.


Sales: 01794 874 227

Email: gurus@4e-technology.co.uk

Web: www.4e-technology.co.uk


We look forward to working with you!

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